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3 Newest Ways for Developers to Earn Money 2023

3 Newest Ways for Developers to Earn Money : One of the top paying jobs in the world is software development. However, developers are regrettably not paid equally everywhere. For instance, in Africa, the average compensation for a software engineer is less than $20,000 per year, despite the fact that it is $127,000 in the US.

While this may seem a little discouraging to African software developers, remember that your abilities are not diminished by your location. Opportunities abound and more businesses are already hiring remote workers.

The fact that working at a high-paying job is not the only method to earn money as a developer is even better news.

In this article, I discuss 3 Newest Ways for Developers to Earn Money.

Newest Ways for Developers to Earn Money

1. Monetize Your Content

You can make advantage of websites like Teachable, Udemy, and Skillshare. Your course can start earning money the day it is released, unlike with YouTube. The work is done once you finish creating the course, and you will continue to earn money from it as long as others find it useful.

There are several websites that will pay you to create technical articles, even if you can blog and share your knowledge for free. You may quickly find technical writing jobs that are tailored to your skill set by using the fantastic website Most of the websites on the list pay more than $250 for each article.

Newest Ways for Developers to Earn Money
Newest Ways for Developers to Earn Money

Creating a YouTube channel is a great way for developers to earn more money. You can set up a channel where you can share your knowledge, encounters, and ideas. You can monetise the channel if you have a sizable audience to make extra money. After you reach at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 view hours, you can monetise your channel through the Partner Program on Youtube.

2. Creating NFTs, Defi, and Virtual Lands

Most engineers work with leading tech firms or even startups, so they have easy access to cutting-edge technologies like cryptocurrency and stock.

As a result, most programmers will be able to create anything related to cryptocurrency, network effects theory, and other cutting-edge technologies.

You might also be aware of how much talk there is about NFTs, Defi, and Virtual Land. Not to mention the recent Metaverse innovation.

For this aim, you can also master Blockchain technology. and provide a service that is needed by most people.

Therefore, having experience in development gives you a competitive edge in learning about new technology and making money from it.

3. Freelancing

To my mind, working as a freelance software engineer is still the finest method to earn money. Even better, you don’t even need to be a skilled programmer.

Since they can occasionally be more affordable and quicker than working with software agencies, some clients prefer working with independent developers.

Newest Ways for Developers to Earn Money

Because you get to choose what to work on, freelancing is also flexible. You can choose clients who work with your schedule or difficulties that challenge you. Clients might be obtained through personal marketing and recommendations. You can also access a variety of platforms that will allow you to do business internationally, such as: FiverrFreelancerUpwork and People per Hour

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